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Never far from her Kansas City roots and the blues that far less perfect voices sang in that city before and through the Second World War, Kathryn Allyn brings a smoky velvet alto that is natural, warm and unforced, to gracefully modern interpretations of the fine, never-forgotten tunes of that era. In an era that’s forgotten the fun of the double-entendre, she’s subtle and sexy and musical all at once.
— John Yohalem, Parterre Box

You're throwing a can’t-miss dinner party, or booking a lovely room at your favorite restaurant...the dress is retro chic; with a backdrop of jazz interpretations of the songs of the Gershwin Brothers, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and Duke Ellington. Standards, blues, torch songs - waltzes, swing, foxtrots, rumbas,& tangos - are arranged to complement the room, the cocktails, the view and, most of all, the company. Maybe it's an informal gathering, with good beer and better BBQ accompanied by the songs of Joni, Patsy, Willie, JT, Hank Sr. Emmy Lou & Dolly. Modern re-imaginings of these classics settle comfortably alongside beloved standards, all heard through a prism of blues, California folk and classic country. Look, maybe it's a little bit of both. The deal is that ours is music for quality time. We're for eating and drinking, for talking and laughing, and for spending time with friends. The American Songbook, those vintage tunes that linger on the terrace 'til dawn, pair with your menu as perfectly as your wine list.



“the sensuous pleasure of Peggy Lee, the moody nuance of Billie Holiday and the jazzy energy of Dinah Shore in songs recorded by those ladies, but with a sass and a toss of hip that make them her own.” –



"Out comes this pretty lady with a martini-dry wit and delivery to match, offering a songbook in a multitude of styles , all superb and elaborately ornamental." - Cafeteria Rusticana



"Her phrasing is luxurious. In a samba, she's at once assertive and flirty, with a sense of humor, charisma and sex appeal." - American Popular Song Society

Kathryn surrounds herself with exceptional instrumentalists to serve up an eclectic set of beloved songs, ranging from Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, the Gershwin brothers and Duke Ellington, all the way to James Taylor, Willie Nelson, Joni Mitchell and Patsy Cline.  Tunes as early as Makin’ Whoopie, Skylark, Body and Soul, Moonlight in Vermont, Stardust and S’Wonderful are set alongside more recent classics – At Last, Fire and Rain, A Case of You, Crazy, Turn Me On and more - for a diverse collection of iconic songs. As it suits your space and your taste, she's joined by noted NYC jazz musicians Frank Ponzio (piano) or Ed MacEachen (guitar), and her extended family of reeds, horns, percussion – even jazz violin and ballroom dancing ringers! – can be added to your ensemble for impact and drama. 

To discuss your event, please write, and I’ll get back to you directly.

Everyone has a superpower (you should check what yours is... it might be something amazing). My superpower is tailoring songs to rooms, programs to moods, and connecting repertoire to fantastic musicians. For a jumping-off place, and depending on the location, the date and length of the event, duos will tend to start at $500, trios at $750, and quartets at $1000. But take full advantage of my guidance - it’s on tap, ready to satisfy your taste, your space, the occasion and your budget!
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