Allie Brosh is weapons-grade funny. This link is set to How Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas, which is the greatest piece of prose in history, but The God of Cake and Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving are...I mean... Pee before you read this blog, I'm not kidding.

Hyperbole & a Half

Funniest nerd comic. Erudite and strange.

Hark A Vagrant!



Other best nerd comic. A lot of math humor, for the smarty pants among us.


I'ma letchoo finish, but Dickipedia was the greatest site of all time. It got sued, or maybe a muscular cease'n'desist, but it's gone. Except! The Internet is forever, so Web Archive!


Bombshell togs with Class, Sass & Ass

Pinup Girl Clothing

I'm obsessed with Polyvore. It's paper dolls for growns. I'm irrational with joy.