In Which I Defend My Horrible Ex: Opera

Every now and then, I get introduced to someone who immediately tells me they don't like opera. In addition to being a weird opening gambit when greeting a (former, at this point, but still) opera singer, it's also frustrating. Upon examination, I discover that they've not really seen it. Boiled down to soap, they wouldn't know opera if it pranced up in a doublet and stabbed them with Maestro's baton.  

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On Dirty Blues

“Spinach has vitamins A, B and D.
pinach never appealed to me.
But one day, having dinner with a guy,
decided to give it a try.
didn’t like it the first time….
Oh, how it grew on me!"...

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Kathryn Allyn
Columbus Day: I’ma letchoo finish, but was the best site of all time.

Columbus’s special brand of dickishness is three-fold. First off, his greatest achievement was “discovering” land that was not only already inhabited by millions of people but was also previously “discovered” by Europeans 500 years earlier. Second, his great discovery of the New World happened completely by accident and Columbus went to his grave still believing he had been sailing back and forth to Asia all those years. Third…

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