The New York Times: Will the Left Survive the Millennials?

Oy. I'm bone-tired of the geschrei over The Evils of Identity Politics. They can be irritating, particularly to people of good faith who expect jokes (and casting choices, ha) to be taken as intended. This group sometimes includes me. But ID politics weren't born for no reason, and the nuances will work themselves out over time. I believe this partly because, as opposed to the Right, we haven’t given our lunatic fringe the keys to the castle (as evidenced by the hardly-a-social-firebrand Hilary Clinton’s rise).

So anyhow, this “lifelong democratic voter” (I always want to call bullshit on that) sounds like the usual Chicken Little, all worked up. The Left fears that some genuinely monstrous asshole on the Right will get a foothold, and is obsessed with not alienating possible allies. Worried that a section of our group, armed with a social-media megaphone and handicapped by zero sense of humor, will screw it up for everyone. And it’s in the nature of the navel-gazing lefty to turn that fear inward. That’s more annoying to me than Identity Politics run amok.

I wish my people would collectively man up, be less defensive and more proud of our agenda, and get more interested in improving it than in whining over its deficiencies and conceivable perils.

Kathryn Allyn