People: Physically Attacked by Donald Trump – a People Writer’s Own Harrowing Story

October 13, 2016.  Physically Attacked by Donald Trump – a PEOPLE Writer’s Own Harrowing Story

When women say that they felt shamed by, or spent time wondering what they'd done to invite, assault, I believe them. In my brain, I know that people report feeling like this, so it must be true. But I do not get it. I can imagine being furious and/or scared, and I can absolutely imagine rolling over for it and keeping my mouth shut because Reasons. But shame? No. I either don't have the gene, or ... I don't know. It pisses me off extra that first some dick assaults someone, and then their victim feels bad on THEIR end about it. Whatever our culture's malfunction is, that makes people feel guilty for being victimized is ... argh, I'm spluttering. I hope the Mildewed Candy Corn dies slowly, painfully and alone.

Kathryn Allyn