DOJ: Three Kansas Men Charged With Plotting a Bombing Attack Targeting the Local Somali Immigrant Community

Surfing the DOJ website (as I am wont to do because nerd), I saw this item from some time ago. My home state of Kansas is always in it to win it.  Credit where it's due, I'm impressed that a few of the news reports had the stones to refer to the actions of these fellas as "terrorism". I mean, only one I found used the word in the actual headline - mostly you had to hunt for it in the prose - but it's there. Baby Steps, amirite?

Anyhow, the deal is a handful of Somali Muslims apparently did something bad in a former life because, after first finding themselves refugees, they were then delivered by unkind fate to Garden City, Kansas.  Garden City, a charming little burg in Finney County, is an hour west of Dodge City. (Pro tip: 'West of Dodge City' is code for 'Don't Break Down, And Be White If At All Possible'.)  

Situated in a "treeless region", Garden City's land is sandy loam, and the main indigenous vegetation is sagebrush and soap weed. The town was founded in 1878; by 1879, the new town had imported trees and talked the Atichson-Topeka Railroad into giving them a switch station (so people could leave, I’m guessing). Because the Federal and State governments stepped up with irrigation funding and infrastructure, the devoutly independent, anti-guvmint bootstraps-conservatives of the area were able to sustain themselves on agriculture concerns. Today, cash crops include wheat, corn, milo, sunflowers, soybeans and alfalfa, and there’s a Tyson plant. It's also helpful that for every dollar Kansas contributes to the Federal government, it receives $1.29 in return.

Finney County (not the town, the county) is home to something close to 40,000 souls and contains eleven "ghost towns". (Because people been saying "Fuck this, yo", since about 1880.)   About 30,000 of the county's denizens live in Garden City's precincts.  75% of those are some version of white (although half of those identify as the Hispanic version of white, which is no doubt distressing to the "real Americans" about).  I checked the police blotter; aside from a recent rash of broken windows, the main criminal impact seems to be cases of domestic battery -- 315 last year.  And car thefts seem high, per capita. Again, my go-to explanation (and mitigating factor, if we're compassionate) is some folks needing to GTFO, tick tock.  Preferably before people similar to the dudes in this story remake In Cold Blood in their rec room.

There are 46 Christian churches in town (I counted on Yelp), but apparently the heroes of this week's tale felt oppressed by proximity to the Muslim refugees and their apartment-complex-mosque, and reacted in a typically Christ-like way. 

Governor Sam Brownback, in addition to staging a coup to castrate the state judiciary, has all but bankrupted the State in his quest to build a 'conservative utopia', and doesn't, as you might guess, admire public education. (Last year, the funding pilgrimage to Topeka included a request for emergency funding for the schools, so that they could avoid raising local property taxes. They have a lot of migrant kids, you see, and educating them really cuts into the profits everyone gets out of the practically-slave-labor efforts of their parents. And, I mean, it's not like Tyson is going to provide for the needs of their many migrant workers' families, get real. Naturally, funding requests are routinely denied, because Brownback is an evil piece of shit, and plus you can't have Neo-Feudalism without serfs.)

So this shit happened.  There is nothing like a bunch of uneducated white people stuck in the most barren section of a welfare-state, with too much time on their hands and scared to death of not much (thanks, Fox News), to really show us all how Christian Values are done.

Kathryn Allyn