PAGE SIX: I'm so confused.

So Donald invited Malik Obama to the Vegas debate. I mean, ok, I guess? I don't get the point, though. What does he hope to accomplish? Hillary Clinton is going to be bothered?  The lady speechified right under the noses of Paula Freaking Jones, Juanita Goddamn Broaddrick and Kathleen Omg Willey. Plus! Kathy Shelton who, if I’m Hillary, might have gotten to me a twee.

Lookit, everybody but everybody gets a competent and enthusiastic advocate; that's (supposed to be) the deal in this country. But. Defending accused rapists and having to get up up in alleged victims’ grills is no fun and contributes mightily to the burn-out rate among attorneys who do that work, and I can imagine not enjoying being confronted with those memories, atall, atall. 

I have nothing against these lasses; life is long and perilous and shit happens. But Donald, you couldn't spring for a stylist?

But whatever she thought about it all, she gave an impeccable performance under epic glowers of these sworn enemies.  Just who, exactly, does Donald imagine can rattle Hillary? This guy Malik? There’s, um...relationship here. What does she care if Obama’s half-brother turns up? Does Donald understand he’s not running against Obama? It's just strange.

Also, this is just embarrassing. Nobody enjoys Patricia Smith's pain. (Dear Media: She has a name. Please quit calling her "Benghazi Mom", kthxbai.) But the exploitation of it is both in bad taste and, frankly, played out. It's been done, Donald.  It didn't move the needle before, and it won't work as a rerun.

Racists go crazy for a sharp dressed man.



EDIT: I have a theory. Trump wants to parade a dude who wears traditionally African garb around the joint. That's it; no deeper than that. He wants to get the alt-right snark machine going, juice up the racists. When you think of it like that, it has an elegance about it.

Kathryn Allyn