Wired: Anyone know how Trump's news show debut went last night?

Noted Donald Trump Enthusiast Donald Trump has a news show, which, I mean, sort of. It's a Facebook thing, I guess.

On the one hand, as Wired puts it, "If this is the beginning of a media franchise, there is precedence for a major news outlet to sprout out of a single national event, notes Rick Edmonds, a media analyst at the Poynter Institute. Nightline began as a temporary show about the Iran hostage crisis in 1979."

Bible Spice suddenly has a great idea for revenge upon us all.

On the other hand, Jesus Christ; even Sarah Palin waited til she lost the election before she commenced to making a post-relevancy buck as a carnival barker.  On the third hand, I hope Madame President fortifies the nation's stockpile of garlic and silver bullets, because this guy isn't going anywhere.



Kathryn Allyn

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