For Literally No Reason, Visions of the 25th Amendment are Dancing in My Head

Except for maybe crushing depression, who knows, I don't know why I have this Fordham Law Review paper on the 25th Amendment running through my head on a loop.  (Probably daydreams about removing DJT because Teh Crazee. Which, I mean, I'd tots do the kickstarter, but I have my doubts about the efficacy of such a treatment.)

It's only 38 pages, but if you're not the type, it gets really interesting at Section II: "A Brief History of Presidential Illness" (page 6). The section is just wee stories about presidents past and their troubles. The Coolidge story is interesting and choked me up a little, actually. I like stories; particularly ones that make historical figures seem real.  Something about it, something unnameable -- ephemeral, even -- gives me some comfort and hope.

Now if I only had a water glass full of bourbon and Peter Falk to read this paper to me "Princess Bride" style, I'd be set.  This is it:

Fordham Law Review
Vol 79, Issue 3, Article 5, 2011
Presidential Disability and the Twenty-Fifth Amendment: The Difficulties Posed by Psychological Illness, by Robert E. Gilbert

I know, I know. But I mean it. This is a good read. Give it a chance. And then go binge-watch The West Wing, because might as well.

Kathryn Allyn