Trump's Kid Hates Him and is Damaged: Shocker

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. If by 'apple' I can mean 'shit', and by 'tree', 'asshole'.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. If by 'apple' I can mean 'shit', and by 'tree', 'asshole'.

For my part, I'll feel sorry for Donald Junior if/after our national nightmare ends, and his father loses, and is irrelevant forever.

(Except wait, no I won't; he's a sociopath who kills animals he doesn't eat because fun! I was going to link it, but then nah. If you want to see his deranged grin over a fat chin and a dead cheetah, it's a 12-second google.) 

Be nice if the guy would open his mouth, though, and save the nation from the Sewer-Gas Spewing Traffic Cone. He's probably afraid of being poor, which he would be about 40 seconds after speaking up about dear old dad. He'd be hung out to dry with poor ol'Tiff. And it's not like he's been raised to believe anything matters more than money, get real. He doesn't have a soul to save, so whatever.

However, this story about Junior did make me think of a passage in a John D. MacDonald book I read a hundred years ago...thanks to the wonders of the Innerwebs, I was able to dig it up.

“His childhood had been served, as a sentence is served, in that emotional wasteland of a home which should have been broken and was not – a home where hate is a voice beyond a closed door, where contempt is a long intercepted look, where violence is a palpable thing in the silent rooms.” - JDmcD, "Cry Hard, Cry Fast"

I mean, amirite? Also:

"A frightening number of people in the world are unaware of the actual living reality of the human beings around them. It is the complete absence of empathy in action. They believe themselves to be real, of course, yet they merely lack the imagination to see that other persons are also real in the same way and on the same terms.
Thus, even though they go through the obligatory social forms and personal relationships, all other people are objects rather than people. If all other people are objects, then there can be no psychic trauma involved in treating them as objects." - JDMcD, "Darker Than Amber"

Is it weird that I turn to a pulp fiction writer of yore for my wisdom? I suppose it's no weirder than any other source. As JDMcD put it in A Deadly Shade of Gold,

" me organized religion, the formalities and routines, it's like being marched in formation to look at a sunset."

Yeah, I found the Donald Jr. quote I was looking for, on a Quotes Site. Sue me. I mean, 78 books and just dozens and dozens and dozens of short stories, with amazeballs titles like "One Monday We Killed Them All", "The Brass Cupcake", "One Fearful Yellow Eye" and cover art like this...

I seem to have gotten distracted from Donald Jr.  Whatever, tra la.

Kathryn Allyn