My First Blog of the End Times

I haven't blogged a thing for a while...I mean, the election, and then Leonard died, and then all sorts of doom-behavior on the part of the GOP, and my inner smart ass has been huddled in a dark corner, arms wrapped tight round its figurative knees. But. One must get on, I suppose. So we'll start small, with this.


And riposte:

Psst....Hey, Donald. Over here. Lookit, "Great Wall" is taken. (Plus, China called; they already hated your guts plenty, dumb ass.)  Let's call it something cool....How about "Rampart of Renewal"? Hm. Anybody got any good ideas? The Damp Circus Peanut does like him a slogan. For my part, I feel pretty good about "Freedom Fence".

Y'all do your duties as patriots; tweet your suggestions to @realDonaldTrump. And keep the vocab under the 5th grade reading level; it's rude to talk down to the president.

Ok, that's all I got. Back into the bottle of bourbon, heigh ho. See you on the other side of the mushroom cloud.




Oooh! Update!

A far more erudite, and visibly more patient, political writer has given me the proverbial shout out! (I like to keep up the kids' lingo, me.)  James Call's piece NAFTA from Mexico's Point of View begins:

Since we have a new, allegedly protectionist, President-elect, NAFTA is likely to be in the news quite a bit.  It's well known what effect NAFTA had on the American working class: NAFTA lowered wages, as it was intended to do.  But what about our partners in NAFTA? There's been some rather spurious, very inaccurate talk over the years about how Mexico has gained from NAFTA at the United States' expense.  That claim is absurd...

and continues...

We'll see whether Donald Trump takes down NAFTA after all.  There's an awful lot of money at stake, and when there's an awful lot of money at stake, there's an awful lot of reason to back down, as Donald Trump already has regarding what my colleague Kaye Allyn is calling his "Freedom Fence". 

See? Me! SEE MORE, James' stuff is good...

Now, really, about that bourbon.






Kathryn Allyn