Bad Decisions Make Good Stories

The Gift of the Vagi keeps on Giving! We're going to reprise on May 4 at Don't Tell Mama! Come for the $15 cover, stay for the schadenfreude!

A moving and deeply personal story of faux vaginas, flummoxed bankers, irritated policemen and financial catastrophe, The Gift of the Vagi is a tale of woe & naughty bits.  Join us for laughs, cocktails, and the songs of Irving Berlin, George & Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter, Cy Coleman, Clifford Brown, Bob Dorough, Willie Nelson, James Taylor, Randy Newman, Bill Zeffiro & more. Because bad decisions make good stories.

People liked us last time.................

"Out comes this pretty lady with a martini dry wit and delivery to match..."
John Yohalem,

"...moving effortlessly through ... an eclectic set of standards, the singer and her trio were clearly having enormous fun telling the story in words and... sparkling arrangements of songs like “Love, You Didn’t Do Right by Me” (Berlin), “Just One of Those Things” (Porter), and “There Will Never Be Another You” (Warren & Gordon).”   (Jerry Osterberg, American Popular Song Society) ...see more reviews

Kathryn Allyn