Chapter 82 in my book "Life was Better during Rotary Phones & One TV Channel: One woman's story"

We only got CBS out of Topeka which, full disclosure, did totally suck; we didn't get Charlie's Angels OR Mork and Mindy. So uncool. Plus party lines sucked. (For the zero weans reading this, these had to do with the telephone and were terrible.) Mrs. Gustafson was always making you hang up just when shit was getting real.

But other hand, when I was a girl, a boy who wanted to ruin your reputation could only get as much distance on his tale as his human voice would carry; rotary phones slow a guy down when he's torn between pride and contempt, is what I'm saying. Thinking on that, I wouldn't be 18 again for ready money ("ready money", for the zero weans reading this, means "cash"). For sure, THIS never happened to anyone:


Poor Taiwan. Study hard and get good rest before the final, you'll be ok. And quit burning it at both ends; I heard how you kids do, today.  Tsk, tsk.







But this....sorry, kiddo, this is some Quality Twitter:

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