Verdict: They Can Both Eat a Bag of Dicks.

Listen, Ted Cruz is the worst. He deserves a hearty Fuck You for the crack about NY Values; ugh, so petty. So pandery. He is a low-rent thinker, juicing up the worst among us with a shitty nonentity of an insult. (Yeah, don't think we didn't notice the non-specificity, you coward.)  And, speaking for the presumptive godless, east-coast Left, I’m generally exhausted with being under constant rhetorical siege by his mob of militant rubes and their cunting on about elitism and political correctness; yelling their religious mania, xenophobia, homophobia and soft-spined, Som’aMyBestFriends racism at me via the megaphone provided them by Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch. True fact: Ted Cruz is a dick, and his voters are total dicks.

Having said that, Donald Trump, for better or worse, is supposed to be one of us.  Using this photo of our  - his - wounded city as a banner in his revolting, purely self-aggrandizing war for the most elevated throne in the cult of personality is, just, I can’t. I cannot with this. There are people in that wreckage. And more people outside the frame, trying to get through on cell. Real people are emailing furiously, trying to get in touch. More are walking home, staring at the sapphire sky. Countless more will die, or be made bereft, because of this picture.

We’re about to cross the sea to spend enough treasure to feed the whole round world, on death. We’re going violate the land, kill god knows how much life of all sorts, and damage global good will for generations, all on the altar of this picture.

Invoking this moment trivially, using this picture as gamesmanship, waving all those people and our grievously injured city, as a bloody shirt in what is the political equivalent of a Yo Mama contest?  Jesus, he probably had friends in that picture somewhere.

I really hope he gets his.


Kathryn Allyn