Gallows Humor, the Apocalypse Edition: Looking on the Bright Side

I haven't been blogging.  I just cannot with anything. My contempt for Donald Trump, his despicable brood, the soul-selling syncophants who enable him (I swear Sean Spicer looks like he has Pink Eye), the media who cowers, and the forces that elected him (including the apathetic -- the otherwise decent among us who were absent at the Booths) is a deep and rising river. Gut-wrenching disgust has hamstrung my usual comedic aplomb. So I don't know. What does one blog about as the Tangerine Nero fiddles, it's proved there is no bottom to the barrel, and there's no goddamned point to anything?

Well, a guy wrote me a song. I been bitching (like I do); all the jazz singers have a personal Blues. I'm a big fan of Anita's Blues...

And Blossom's Blues, and Billie's Blues, and and Bessie's Blues...

My favorite, and by far, is Mo's blues -- for Morgana King. But it seems to be that she never recorded it? Surely I'm just not finding it. Beverly Kenney's version is great.

I feel like I'm not a RealJazzSinger(tm) 'til I have a Blues. Enter David Ricks, a lovely and talented fella who wrote me Kat's Blues. And plugged my current show. And said nice things about me.  And it's a good song. I'm going to sing it on April 8 at Tomi Jazz.

See, now, that'll cure what ails you. 

Kathryn Allyn

Jazz singer, political junkie, cautionary tale and nights'n'weekends Stig, on the Island of Misfit Toys.