Great News for Lovers of Schadenfreude: The Gift of the Vagi is Back!

I go back and forth with this blog thing. For a while, it's therapeutic, then for another while, paying attention to our Current Situation of Doomed gets my baseline crazy too high. The swings between homicidal and suicidal tucker me out, and I stop. Or, y'know, let's say I apply for a job or some nice person is thinking of inviting me to sing; I un-link my ramblings because I'd rather decent folk don't find out just how foul mouthed I am until it's too late. Unless they're on Twitter, in which case, I'm cooked. Anyhow. I'm back, bishes, for a good cause...

The Vagi – the Gift that keeps on giving – is back!

The Gift of the Vagi will be at NYC’s Don’t Tell Mama on Wednesday, September 26, at 7pm. We have Hayes Greenfield on sax, Tom Hubbard on bass, and the inimitable Frank Ponzio, in the role of Fearless Bandleader at the piano; you can’t do better than these guys, true fact.

For my part, I’m resisting the jokes about how The Vagi is tighter and smoother than the last time I took it out… aren’t you proud of me?  It’s not easy for me to let that slide.  Really want to squeeze one in. 

But seriously, folks (she said, in her terrible Catskills accent), this set isn’t dirty; it’s a little naughty, is all. Mostly it’s tragic. And Tragedy + Time = Comedy, so you won’t wince; you’ll laugh, I promise. Ask anyone who’s seen my Vagi – it’s hilarious. Because, as we know, bad decisions make good stories.

You can reserve here:

Kathryn Allyn