A New Series: Feel Good Story du Jour

In these troubled times, it's important to take time out for self care, to smile fondly, even laugh, at the sweet images that daily life can bring. For some people, it's cat memes. For others, dog videos. Or babies gurgling funnily.  Each to his own, of course; for me, tales like this brighten my day and sweeten my wine.

Final plea: Combat veteran's wife facing Friday deportation reaches out to Trump

You'll think i'm a dick for a while, but then you'll get to this:

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 9.27.48 PM.png





On the downside, I'm making Baby Jesus cry with my vindictive glee. On the upside, Republicans are, finally, being forced by karma to take the personal responsibility that they've been preaching about for 30 years.  That Trump's agenda will hurt his own voters first and worst, is the sort of burnished silver lining you rarely see outside of a Tom Kinkade. And no, Juarez' word-eating doesn't soften me. I'm tired of contrition by tire iron. This shit was obvious from the jump - this guy just thought it'd be different brown people paying the bill for Trumps proud, freak-flag-flying xenophobia and bigotry. 

Another upside: from the looks of things, I'll have my pick of silver linings, going forward. Other than clawing other people's money out of his bankruptcies, Donald Trump's superpower is his willingness and ability to fuck his friends. 

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