In spite of what must seem like constant provocation, Jesus loves me

As they say, the cream rises to the top.

I been working once or twice each month at this cute Japanese jazz place for several years now - like I don't know, five? It used to be this sleepy room. A handful of Japanese and Japanese-American types having a cocktail and a sizzle platter while Frank or Ed shows us how that piano/guitar thing is done, and I sing a program I like to call "Because I Said So, That's Why." 

Well, now little Tomi Jazz is getting all famous and shit. 

The New York Times: A Cozy Jazz Club, if You Can Find It

And! Not only did they not can me now that they "no longer provide slots for newcomer bands through web inquiry..." [and] "may accommodate new bands by referral..." and they could obvs have the pick of the litter, they booked me for the whole damn year. 

I'm just going to hang onto this in my brains, for later when the republicans do something shitty, or Trump is sundowning again. Not everything sucks. 

It is a really fun bar. You should go. But definitely reserve; forget it otherwise, no getting in. It's simultaneously wee and popular. It's on 53rd between 2nd & 3rd, but closer to 2nd.  When you can't find it because nobody can - I still walk by it and it's been years - it's directly across the street from the Peking Duck House. Look underneath the barber shop, it's down a flight of stairs by the barber pole.

Next up...


$10 cover / $10 minimum
239 East 53rd Street, lower (2nd & 3rd Aves)

Kathryn Allyn