A great day for Schadenfreude....and The Gift of the Vagi!

Y’ALL THE GIFT OF THE VAGI IS BACK. We're doing it different this time – Frank & I are trying the set as a duo, which’ll be fun. When
Frank is on his own, no band to shepherd, you have to hear it to believe it. It’s the most virtuosic recital you’ll see in a while – dude can play amazing things from one little page of information. I’m still not used to it, and I can't get enough of it. So this’ll be an intimate moment with the Vagi….We’re doing this partly because I like playing with it (if you're wondering, nope, I can't help it), and partly because the guy who's running 53Above has made an artist series intended to help both his club & artists generally.

The Gift of the Vagi will be at NYC’s newest music venue, 53 ABOVE, on Wednesdays April 3 & 24, both at 7pm. Runs a bit over 70 minutes. There’s booze. It’s at 318 W. 53rd, betw 8th& 9th aves, easy peasy. Get your tickets on Eventbrite.

Jason Ellis is working hard to make his series not a money-loss for the artists – no fees to speak of, no penalties, and doing his own promotion – the short story is he’s not laying it all on the back of the performers. I want, you see, to support him in this worthy (and rare) effort. It's a shoestring little joint with great energy and a lot of pro-singer heart. He, and the venue, should be encouraged by those of us who’d like more opportunities for artists and audiences to connect in a comfortable, entertaining, and not-exploitative, way.

You can see more about Jason and his series, HERE.

For my part, I continue to fail to resist jokes about how The Vagi is tighter and smoother than the last time I took it out… It’s not easy for me to let that slide. But seriously, folks (she said, in her terrible Catskills accent) we are good. And this set isn’t dirty; it’s naughty, is all. Mostly it’s tragic. Now, as well know, Tragedy + Time = Comedy; you won’t wince. You’ll laugh, I promise.

And in these times, don't we all need a fkn laugh almost as bad as we need booze and oxygen (in that order)? Think it over. True Fact: bad decisions make good stories.


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A tale of woe & naughty bits, The Gift of the Vagi is an, um, deeply moving story of poor choices; a sexy thief, a flummoxed banker, an irritated policeman and financial catastrophe. Tragedy + Time = Comedy, so join us for laughs, cocktails, and sparkling arrangements of the songs of Irving Berlin, the Bros. Gershwin, Cole Porter, Bob Dorough, Willie, Gigi, Randy, Zeff & more. Because bad decisions make good stories.  

Wednesdays, April 3 and 24, 7:00pm
53rd street (betw 8th & 9th aves.),  New York City
$20 Cover, 2 drink minimum

Kathryn Allyn