Y'all....Tomi Jazz Tonight!

Y'ALL WE ARE AT TOMI JAZZ TONIGHT AT 8PM!! (I could skip the caps, ‘cause if you don't have a res, you're SOL.) My little Tomi Jazz has made quite a fkn name for itself in ye olde jazz world, and I feel increasingly lucky to be tapped for what I suspect is the "silly middle-aged white lady" slot on the schedule. My god this place is insanely cool.

The New York Times: A Cozy Jazz Club, if You Can Find It 

But since I’m feeling pretty good about myself this morning, I’ll stipulate that old or not, I do actually sing my face off, on occasion. And Frank is top of the line. So there. And, not for nothing, me or no me, this is an awesome fkn place. 2 or 3 acts every night, and good'ns too. Check out the schedule at www.tomijazz.com and make your reservations early and often. Because it is a really fun bar. You should go. But definitely reserve; forget it otherwise, no getting in. It's simultaneously wee and popular.

When you can't find it because nobody can - I still walk by it and it's been years - it's on the basement level directly across the street from the Peking Duck House on 53rd, between 2nd & 3rd. Look underneath the barber shop, it's down a flight of stairs by the barber pole.

AFTER tonight, next up is March 30, 2018: TOMI JAZZ NYC, WITH ED MACEACHEN, GUITAR

7:30 - 10:00pm
$10 cover / $10 minimum
239 East 53rd Street, lower (2nd & 3rd Aves)

Kathryn Allyn