People: Physically Attacked by Donald Trump – a People Writer’s Own Harrowing Story

October 13, 2016.  Physically Attacked by Donald Trump – a PEOPLE Writer’s Own Harrowing Story

When women say that they felt shamed by, or spent time wondering what they'd done to invite, assault, I believe them. In my brain, I know that people report feeling like this, so it must be true. But I do not get it. I can imagine being furious and/or scared, and I can absolutely imagine rolling over for it and keeping my mouth shut because Reasons. But shame? No. I either don't have the gene, or ... I don't know. It pisses me off extra that first some dick assaults someone, and then their victim feels bad on THEIR end about it. Whatever our culture's malfunction is, that makes people feel guilty for being victimized is ... argh, I'm spluttering. I hope the Mildewed Candy Corn dies slowly, painfully and alone.

NBC News: Major GOP Donors Are Asking Trump for Their Money Back

I got nothing for these people. The Rotting Pumpkin Time Lapse was always an obvious piece of shit, and he's under no obligation to return one thin dime, because they finally caught up to the obvious and, not for nothing, are mad they're backing the wrong horse. Admit it, bitches: if he were polling ahead, or just even, you'd be fine with every word. As it is, however, you pays your money and you takes your chances, fellas.

Columbus Day: I’ma letchoo finish, but was the best site of all time.

... but it got sued, or at least a really muscular cease’n’desist, because it’s gone now. But the internet is forever, and I found the web archive! There are a bunch of good entries, although the Donald one is just ok. Disappointing. Much, I suppose, like Donald. This is my favorite entry. It's very long. Get comfortable, it's worth it.


Dickipedia: Christopher Columbus (1451 – May 20, 1506) was an Italian navigator, explorer, accidental “discoverer” of America, and a dick.

Columbus’s special brand of dickishness is three-fold. First off, his greatest achievement was “discovering” land that was not only already inhabited by millions of people but was also previously “discovered” by Europeans 500 years earlier. Second, his great discovery of the New World happened completely by accident and Columbus went to his grave still believing he had been sailing back and forth to Asia all those years. Third, his voyages initiated widespread European contact with Native Americans, eventually leading to the near wipeout of the entire indigenous American population, forcing all survivors into the casino gaming and faux Indian knick-knack industries.

Christopher Columbus’ greatest achievement in dickery, however, is his legacy. Despite leading a life of racism, slavery, and barbaric acts against natives so heinous that he was arrested and jailed, the only thing American children are really taught about the man is that “in fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” With similar historical airbrushing, schools could also accurately teach that “in nineteen hundred and forty two, Hitler gave free showers to lots of Jews.” He did. Look it up.

ET News Exclusive: Nancy O'Dell Reacts to Donald Trump Recording

This gal is always smiling. This is the closest thing I could find to the Fuck You Donald face she must be making in her real life.

I mean, comparatively speaking, it's not even all that striking. The Damp Circus Peanut Being Borne Along By Ants has advocated for nuclear proliferation, torture, religious persecution and international debt default, and all this while vocally admiring the world's most dreadful despots. This wasn't even the worst thing he said about people, if we can agree that creeping after one's daughter is about as bad as it gets.  I guess I didn't realize that after everything is said and done, Nancy O'Dell is our only inviolable national treasure.

Jezebel: These Anonymous Fashion Editors May Be Ruder About Kim Kardashian's Robbery Than Twitter

People who make and write about clothes for a living, suggest a gal who wears clothes and gets people write her wearing clothes for a living, deserves to be stalked/assaulted for being good at it. Got it. Folks, we have a competition for Most Vapid Dickhead, and "Anonymous Fashion Writer" is in it to win it.

Pop Quiz: Just in Case You Weren't Depressed Enough This Election Cycle.

I am a Republican and a Unitarian. I’m a graduate Yale College and of Cincinnati Law School, and a member of the Ohio Bar. In my career, I was an Assistant Prosecutor, a Chaired professor at Yale Law School, a Professor of Constitutional Law, and President of the American Bar Association.

I was a Superior Court Judge, Chief Justice for United States Court of Appeals, Solicitor General of the United States, and Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. I wrote the Opinion for the Court in 256 cases. I was Governor-General of the Philippines, Civil Governor of Cuba, Acting Secretary of State, and Secretary of War. I supervised the beginning of construction on the Panama Canal. I negotiated personally with Pope Leo XIII for lands in the Philippines owned by the Church and effected the sale of those lands to the Filipinos on easy terms.  I declined a first offer to sit on the Supreme Court, when native Filipino groups requested I remain in Manila as Governor-General.

I engaged in one of the bitterest political battles of the 20th century, when I embarked on a campaign against major players in my party, including Theodore Roosevelt, to assure the independence of the judiciary, which Roosevelt denounced. In the ensuing election, our disagreement split the Republican vote and gave the presidency to the Democrat. In that election I won only eight electoral votes, making it the single worst defeat for a President seeking re-election. Having lost that battle, I remained proud of winning the war for the courts, keeping them sacrosanct and independent.


In closing, we are doomed.

The New York Times: Will the Left Survive the Millennials?

Oy. I'm bone-tired of the geschrei over The Evils of Identity Politics. They can be irritating, particularly to people of good faith who expect jokes (and casting choices, ha) to be taken as intended. This group sometimes includes me. But ID politics weren't born for no reason, and the nuances will work themselves out over time. I believe this partly because, as opposed to the Right, we haven’t given our lunatic fringe the keys to the castle (as evidenced by the hardly-a-social-firebrand Hilary Clinton’s rise).

So anyhow, this “lifelong democratic voter” (I always want to call bullshit on that) sounds like the usual Chicken Little, all worked up. The Left fears that some genuinely monstrous asshole on the Right will get a foothold, and is obsessed with not alienating possible allies. Worried that a section of our group, armed with a social-media megaphone and handicapped by zero sense of humor, will screw it up for everyone. And it’s in the nature of the navel-gazing lefty to turn that fear inward. That’s more annoying to me than Identity Politics run amok.

I wish my people would collectively man up, be less defensive and more proud of our agenda, and get more interested in improving it than in whining over its deficiencies and conceivable perils.