The New York Times: Will the Left Survive the Millennials?

Oy. I'm bone-tired of the geschrei over The Evils of Identity Politics. They can be irritating, particularly to people of good faith who expect jokes (and casting choices, ha) to be taken as intended. This group sometimes includes me. But ID politics weren't born for no reason, and the nuances will work themselves out over time. I believe this partly because, as opposed to the Right, we haven’t given our lunatic fringe the keys to the castle (as evidenced by the hardly-a-social-firebrand Hilary Clinton’s rise).

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Kathryn AllynComment
Verdict: They Can Both Eat a Bag of Dicks.

Listen, Ted Cruz is the worst. He deserves a hearty Fuck You for the crack about NY Values; ugh, so petty. So pandery. He is a low-rent thinker, juicing up the worst among us with a shitty nonentity of an insult. (Yeah, don't think we didn't notice the non-specificity, you coward.) And, speaking for the presumptive godless, east-coast Left, I’m generally exhausted with being under constant rhetorical siege by his mob of militant rubes and their cunting on about elitism and political correctness; yelling their religious mania, xenophobia, homophobia and soft-spined, Som’aMyBestFriends racism at me via the megaphone provided them by Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch. True fact: Ted Cruz is a dick, and his voters are total dicks.

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Kathryn Allyn