A Short Political Rant, because why not? I have a blog, after all.

Listen, Ted Cruz is the worst. He deserves a hearty Fuck You for the crack about NY Values; ugh, so petty. So pandery. He is a low-rent thinker, juicing up the worst among us with a shitty nonentity of an insult. (Yeah, don't think we didn't notice the non-specificity, you coward.)  And, speaking for the presumptive godless, east-coast Left, I’m generally exhausted ...

My Boldest Moment: Thrown Off A Plane

I entered a contest!  We were supposed to describe our Boldest Moment.  I didn't win. But I spent some effort on this -- It's a combo PSA and My Version Of Activism(tm), so. Here it is.

 Caveats: (a) Do not try this Post-9/11, because you'll end up at Gitmo and your folks will never see you again; (b) NC-17 rating for language...C Word and everything; and (c) I felt all bold and stuff, but I possibly was just an asshole.

I saw this article this morning on Jezebel.

Hell’s bells, now it’s the kids’ music too?  People --  professionals with resumes, by the way -- who are providing some of the most heavily and regularly consumed music in our current cultural landscape, are reduced to this?  Setting aside the always super enjoyable schadenfreude, it’s simply a fact that this culture has thrown away the journeyman artist...........

Jo Stafford wrote a Techniques in Singing book!

I confess I didn't expect it to be especially controversial. However, in Lesson one, on Breathing, she drops a bomb.  Jo says:  "Lie down on your back, rest your hands on your stomach, take a good deep breath, just as good and deep as you can." Ok, I see where this is going.  "If you feel your stomach swelling as you breathe, you are breathing incorrectly."

Wait. What?


Somewhere in the world, a voice teacher just got chicken skin.